QBE Small Group Insurance for SME Group Size from 1 to 14

QBE has finally launched its small group insurance for SME companies from 1 to 14 staff! From the looks of it, this plan seems to be able to "overthrow" many of their competitors in this heavily competitive employee benefits industry. In a nutshell, here are some of the product features:

  • Essential Plan (that is what it is called), is positioned as a low cost group medical plan
  • 6 Room & Board options to chose
  • No health declaration form required (trust me, this is a BIG plus in this day & age of compliance and forms filling!)
  • Pre-existing health condition is permanently excluded (terms & conditions apply)
  • Various riders to chose from : KCT (Kidney & Cancer Treatment), Outpatient Panel Clinic, Outpatient Specialist, Dental, Deductible options.  
  • Premium is based on average age and group size
  • Panel TCM consultations is part of its outpatient plan
  • Minimum premium is $200 per policy excluding GST
  • Dental benefits has more coverage and higher limits than other insurers
  • Insurance coverage till 72 (ANB) ~ Most small group plans are up to 66 (ANB)
  • MRI/CT Scan/PET Scans are included in Specialist treatments ( Many insurers exclude this)
  • Deductibles can be applied to reduce premiums 
So take advantage of the group rates if you are an owner of an up and coming SME and contact us for the details!

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