Marine Cargo Clauses and Claims Procedure

How many of you can remember what the ICC (Institute Cargo Clause)  ICCA, ICCB or ICCC covers in the Marine Cargo or Cargo Insurance wordings?

Well, now you can have a snapshot of the coverage of each clause in just one page! (Click on the image to have a clearer picture) No thanks needed! Just remember to bookmark us. :)

For newbies of General Insurance and even the "old birds"; where there are occasional tendency to forget the kind of documents needed during a Marine Cargo claim. Thanks to the insurer, QBE that this wonderful 1 page summary can be shared with people in the general insurance industry and their clients.

For customers who often buy cargo insurances, although it will be nice to get yourself the most comprehensive clause, which is the ICCA; your cargo insurance policy may not be bought or processed in accordance to your expectation. So before you submit the claim, do not always assume that you can claim for all things under the sky! DO take a closer look at your Marine Cargo policy to see which clause you bought before jumping at the agent or insurer.

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