Who Is The Industry Leader For WIC (Work Injury Compensation) Limits?

Last year, the Singapore's WICA or Work Injury Compensation Act had their limits raised as mentioned in this blog post, Of course to remain as 1 of the market leaders in this arena, QBE Singapore has taken the initiative to raise their WIC limits as well; as shown in the table below:

QBE Singapore New WIC Limits

As of 03 April 2017, we dare say that QBE might be the industry leader for the Work Injury Compensation limits in Singapore. To find out why having higher limits is important, here's the other post which should explain itself.

In any case, if you do own a business, QBE has done a short survey recently on a number of SMEs & MNCs and here are the findings in the 3 odd minutes infographic video below. If you want to find out more about other business or corporate insurances for your company other than WIC, feel free to contact us and we will be most glad to answer your queries.

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