AA Singapore FREE Membership Drive with Tokio Marine Life Insurance (AA-TMLS)

AAS & TMLS Insurance
With intense competition to be different, companies are now going all out with collaborations and both Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) & Tokio Marine Life Insurance (TMLS) are no exception either. For the men who have served their National Service in Singapore, remember the dirt CHEAP insurance which you took up during your Army days and honestly, aren't you glad you did; since the premiums were extremely low? Well for the rest of the people in Singapore; envy not because it is time for you to enjoy such perks too! (as in getting preferential rates just because you belong to a "group")

Which other associations in Singapore or exclusive group is big enough to have insurers willing to offer them good discounts? To celebrate their 110th anniversary, the over 80,000 members strong AAS or Automobile Association of Singapore has further ramp up their membership drive by giving car owners FREE membership fees for the 1st year. To top that, the members will be able to get Group Term Life Insurance and their riders at premiums not offered to the retail market from Tokio Marine Group! The package is called "Life Protector" (for pure vanilla term life insurance) or "Life Protector Plus" (with 37 Critical Illness). There is even a package for those who wants hospital cash!
As always, being an AAS member also comes with fantastic privileges thrown in (refer to item 1 below)

Some points to note :
  • Premiums are age banded (ie premiums will rise as insured enters a new age band)
  • To enjoy AAS free 1st year membership fees, minimum insurance premium has to be at least $200 per year.
  • Only 1st year's membership fee is waived; however if applicant is already a member and is renewing membership, the renewal fee of the renewal year is waived.
  • Lifetime member of AAS can also buy the insurance at the preferred rates; their entitlement to a year's free AAS membership, can be passed on to a family member.
  • Members who bought the AAS 3 years membership will not be entitled to the Free membership drive.
  • Last Entry Age for the insurance is 66 ANB (Age Next Birthday) & Maximum Renewal Age is 70 (ANB)

Below are the links for the application:
AA Life Protector Rates/Brochure (See what the insurance covers and the different options)

  1. AA Membership Application (See what does being an AA member gets to enjoy)
  2. Life Protector Application Form (Must come with AA Membership Application)
  3. Tokio Marine Business Reply Envelope for Life Protector
Use item 3) to mail 1) & 2) after signing on the "red ticks" (including the credit card form):
You can also contact us if you want to know more or have further queries.

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