Cancer Income : Does Life Still Goes On When Cancer Strikes?

TM Cancer Income
In today's advanced medical technology, if Cancer strikes an individual, there is still hope for recovery. However, the truth of the matter is that lifestyle costs also increases after the arrival of this dread disease, no matter how hard you try to contain it.

What are the costs?

  1. Cost of recovery (ie all the money you need to spend on getting alternative medication to help you on your road to recovery; things which friends/relatives/medical practitioners or even information from the social media recommend you to get).
  2. Loss of income (due to the fact that you can't really work full time because of your condition and you need to take time off from company/business, resulting in substantial income drop).
  3. Not forgetting you still have bills to pay.
All the above is on the assumption that you have a/many valid and in-force dread disease or critical illness policy(ies) in place. If you are not convinced as to why you need a/many critical illness policy(ies); read this and this and finally, THIS!

Tokio Marine  launched a Cancer Income rider on 08 January 2016 as a solution which many have been asking for. Some benefits of the rider are as follows:
  • If a PRE-EXISTING condition related to the cancer condition is diagnosed, all the premiums paid will be REFUNDED without interest (a plus point if you ask us; most insurers can repudiate the claim and keep the premiums)
  • There is no requirement for a survival period (ie many insurers insist that you "stay alive" for a pre-determined time like 1 month, after contracting the illness to prevent a fraudulent claim)
  • When cancer strikes, future premiums of the rider is waived
  • Payout of up to $20,000 annually on major cancer diagnosis as an income to the assured.
  • Lump sum payment upon Cancer Diagnosis is also payable on top of the Cancer income payouts.
Sounds good? Contact us to find out more! [From 1 Jan 2016, please leave your CONTACT NUMBER in the "message" box, so we can verify that your interest is real and not for the sake of getting quotations only. (For quotes, you can call the insurers directly). Thanks for your understanding]

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