TM Protect Cancer If You Want More Cancer Coverage

Concerned about the rising rate of Cancer incidents affecting many in Singapore? For those who still do not know, Cancer is the number one killer disease in Singapore. See this link.

TM Protect Cancer Premium RatesThat is why Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore has launched the TM Protect Cancer, which is a non-participating term plan that provides financial aid when one is diagnosed with early and advanced stage cancer, so you can stay 100% focused on recovery. This plan also provides a $5,000 death benefit.

This yearly renewable plan provides up to S$150,000 insurance coverage for cancer and is specially designed for adults between the ages of 30 and 65, with coverage extending until the age of 85.

The key features of the plan are:

  • Comprehensive cancer coverage.
  • Great for individuals who just can't buy Dread Disease or Critical Illness policies due to pre-existing conditions like Diabetes or Hypertension. At least this does not get you excluded from being covered against the Number One Killer Disease in Singapore.
  • 50% of benefit payout upon early stage cancer diagnosis.
  • 100% of benefit payout upon advanced stage cancer diagnosis.
  • Simplified Issuance Offer (SIO) approach in underwriting, just answer 7 health questions.
  • Guaranteed renewable.
The downside is that :
  • Only adults 30 years old and above can purchase the plan
Well, on the whole, it's still a good plan for those who are just concerned about protection against the financial woes of a specific critical illness and do not wish to get a life policy. Contact us if interested.

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