Early Detection Critical Illness Policy from Tokio Marine Group

Product will Be Terminated from 29 Jan 2018
So much talk has been made on Critical Illness plans from Singapore insurance companies since most pay out only during the last or final stages of the chronic illnesses; to which many clients rebutted saying that they won't have any use for the money since it's as good as a death benefit. Well you will be happy to know that Tokio Marine Life Insurance has a product to resolve this issue and the plan is called TM Early Care, which pays on early, intermediate or advanced stages of the stated Critical Illness*. The product can be sold as a stand alone or as a rider.

What is so special about TM Early Care?

  • Extra 25% of Sum Assured will be paid out if Critical Illness happens before age 65 next birthday.
  • Future premiums are waived if there's remaining coverage after early diagnosis of the critical illness.
  • Extra payout will not reduce the Sum Assured (Early Stage Maximum Limit is $75,000) *
  • Multiple claims for different critical illness or dread disease are allowed.
  • Another Extra 20%, subject to a maximum limit of $25,000 can be paid out for the following 5 Special Benefits:                                                                                                                          (i) Diabetic Complications
    (ii) Osteoporosis
    (iii) Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
    (iv) Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
    (v) Breast Reconstructive Surgery following a Mastectomy
    Payment of Dread Disease Benefit will not reduce the amount payable under Special Benefits
  •  A Death Benefit of S$20,000 will be paid out in a lump sum regardless of the Sum Assured.
  • A biennial cash benefit of S$100 is payable starting from the 2nd Policy Anniversary till the end of the coverage term, even when there are claims.
  • Critical Illness Benefit or Special Benefit must have the client survive for 7 days from the date of diagnosis before being able to disburse payout to them
  • Customer can buy from as young as age 1 till age 65 and coverage can be remain up till 85 age next birthday for the insured.
* Please refer to policy or product summary for details. If you want to find out more about the product or want to have a more comprehensive cover in your insurance portfolio, do contact us.

As at 08 January 2016, the Tokio Marine Group has launched another rider to assist in the recovery process if Cancer were to strike.

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