NTUC Income brings back the Enhanced Incomeshield Rider is a PLUS !

NTUC Income must have been losing big time market share to their nearest rival, that they are now forced to bring back their PLUS rider (with a catch) :

You can only buy the PLUS rider if you are on their Preferred plan (the highest plan) the Enhanced Incomeshield Plans; PLUS rider is not offered to the basic incomeshield plans (it has to be the ENHANCED incomeshield);  you will need to continue with their Assist rider for their basic incomeshield plans.
Enhanced Incomeshield Assist Rider Benefits
Assist Rider Benefits 
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The difference between the Plus & Assist rider?
Zero deductible and co-insurance

Actually NTUC Income was selling the PLUS rider years back but decided to pull it out, probably after they felt that people were abusing the health insurance and since they were the only company offering the rider at that time; it must have burned a hole in their wallet and now that Aviva is proving to be successful with it, NTUC Income decided to put it back.

For those who bought the PLUS rider years back; remember to keep your payment of the Plus rider up to date as back then, you can add it to ANY plan but once you lapse it this time, you can't reinstate it back to your original plan, but only to buy the highest (Preferred) plan before Income will allow you to add the Plus rider back.

OK, enough of history lessons. If you want to have a comparison of the rates, here's a snapshot of BOTH riders. (as at 23 April 2015) The rates may change, so kindly contact us if you are interested in getting the plan for the updated premiums.

Assist Rider Premiums
Assist Rider Premiums 
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PLUS rider premiums
PLUS Rider Premiums
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For those who are new to this: Please note that the riders' premiums are payable by cash; whilst the premiums for the Basic plan, Enhanced Incomeshield is paid by your Medisave. You can read more about Enhanced incomeshield in my previous post or just check out their brochure.

One BIG advantage of NTUC Enhanced Incomeshield is that they offer LOG (Letter of Guarantee), which ensures you do not have to cough out your own cash upon admission to a hospital, unlike many of the other insurers (which works on a reimbursement basis; you pay first and the insurer pays you back on approval of claims).

However, if you are currently unsatisfied with your servicing agent or are currently served by NTUC direct but prefer to speak to a LIVE person; please read my other post.

For HR Managers who want us to share more about Integrated Shield plans with your staff, feel free to contact us too.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM GMT+8

    Plus rider is available for Enhanced Incomeshield advantage and basic plan too!

    1. Thanks for spotting the mistake! We've amended the error