TM Legacy LifeFlex - Tokio Marine's (TMLS) Booster?

TM Legacy LifeFlex
It's finally out! Ever since Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore (TMLS) withdrew their flagship product, TM Legacy Plus..clients and peers alike have been asking why and waiting patiently for the company's product team to come up with another unique life plan which can cover critical illness and maybe early detection riders and finally the wait is over as TM Legacy LifeFlex is born! Since it's so fresh from the oven, we will just share what we know about it and maybe over time, post some updates on the pros and cons of the product
  • Limited premium term.
  • Early, Intermediate & Advance stages of Critical Illness (CI) can be claimed.
  • Flexibility to buy & CHOOSE BETWEEN Early Care (EC-early detection) & CI riders or both.
  • Early Care limit has been raised to $150,000 from the previous $75,000
  • GUARANTEED CI premium rates.
  • Multiplier available up to 10x or what they call "boosters" to increase your coverage (if you are on a tight budget).
  • ANNUAL DIVIDEND (1% of sum assured) from @65 for retirement income (non guaranteed)~the only plan in the market to offer this currently.
  • Up to 50% off medical underwriting (for high multiplier).
  • Some companies can only claim 25-50% of Sum Assured for Early Detection.. The EC in this plan can claim full (up to the limit stated*).
  • Boosters stop at age 65.
  • Early Care Pays for life on wellness* benefit, while its booster does not have this benefit at all.
  • Once Basic booster terminates, all boosters will lapse.
  • Minimum CI Rider to be purchased is $15k.
  • Must have rider before purchasing rider boosters.
  • Riders must be added within the 1st 6 months of policy being incepted.
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*For more details, please refer to policy.
Even though there are puns about it being known as "lie flat"; we are very sure this product is going to take the market by storm with its flexibility! Contact us now for more info! If you need us to elaborate the product to your company's employees, feel free to contact us using the above link as well.

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