A Personal Accident Policy That is Great in Features and Price

TMLS TM PAMention Personal Accident Policy in Singapore and one will immediately think of telemarketers calling on behalf of banks. However, have you ever stop to wonder should there be a claim, do you know the procedures or are you just like the many who think that they can call the banks to help them fill up the claim forms etc?

No doubt that with online presence, all of us who are tech savvy can submit our forms online, but are you aware that banks only have joint ventures with insurance companies for a short span of time and once the contract period is up and they have gained customer leads and sales, the finance firms (a.k.a) banks will wash their hands off the case and hand you back to the insurers, so why not just initiate your relationship right from the start DIRECTLY with the insurers' intermediaries like yours truly?

Now that the WHY ME has been covered, let's cover the WHY Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore (TMLS)? Recently the insurer has just launched a personal accident insurance policy known as TM PA. Listed are some of the benefits which makes it stand out from the crowd:

  • Covers Dengue Fever
  • Only ONE Parent needs to buy and up to FOUR kids up to age 18 are covered for FREE*
  • Guaranteed Renewal up to age 75 (as long as you pay your premiums on time)!
  • No requirement by persons above 65 need to make declaration on health during the renewal exercise (this health declaration can be quite inconvenient especially for the senior citizens, as the insurers will decide if they want to renew the PA policy based on the clients' declaration...ask yourself which elderly has perfect health past the age of 65?)
  • Monthly modes of payment are available
  • Premiums for Class 1 & 2 are the same

* The entitlement for Free Child Cover is as per the screenshot below:
TM PA Free Child Cover

If you want to know more about the rates and benefits, click here, but if you need to clarify your doubts, just click on the "Contact Us" Button on the right.

However if you want to compare solely on rates, then this site might interest you more.

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