Medical Outpatient Plan in Singapore

outpatient plan-idealmedicalYears ago, I remembered spending S$1000 in 1 month just on my son and his respiratory problem (a common ailment for toddlers). During those days, the medical insurance industry in Singapore was still at an infant stage and the only plans available were only for inpatients in a hospital.

Fast forward 13 years and now Aviva has such a great plan which I thought I should share on some great features about it. Though initially launched as an inpatient hospitalization plan with the outpatient benefit thrown in as an added feature, personally I feel more people are buying it for the outpatient advantage! Some of its benefits include:

  • S$10,000 claim limit (with $50 excess per visit)

  • MRI,CT Scans, lab tests and medications are payable

  • FREE medical examination with doctor's evaluation every year

It's a wonderful plan to have as part of your medical insurance portfolio, especially for the young, when respiratory cases are prevalent in countries like ours. Feel free to email me for more details, if you would like to know more.

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